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Coronavirus Diary: Friday March 27

There is a phrase about certain small creatures abandoning a sailing vessel experiencing a failure of buoyancy . Meanwhile, New Yorkers are ignoring shelter in place/no travel orders and are fleeing into surrounding states. I can understand the fear associated with this virus but running to other communities (bringing the virus with them) is not going to help you or others, it is very selfish.

Our governor is forcing/demanding (within whatever legal boundaries) non-shipping related vehicles with New York plates to be pulled over and in the event the passengers are New Yorkers information will be gathers and they will be under quarantine for 14 days. I don’t agree with her on much (read anything remotely political) but this was a good decision ( a tad late but this is not a time of perfect and 20/20 hindsight does nothing but produce stones to needlessly throw.

Stress monster is showing its head.

We ordered take out tonight and it seems that the restaurant (a chain place – I know we should order from local places, and we have, but everything near by is either Pizza, Italian, Chinese or fast food). We learned that apparently they are scaling back on portion sizes and quality (the food was cold and less than half it’s normal size). There were some cranky members of the family.

To make up for it we watched Pixar’s OnWard. It was really good and highly entertaining – especially for those that played D&D in the 80s.

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