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Coronavirus Diary: Wednesday March 18

Welcome to hump day!

As today is hump day I cannot help but wonder for all of those health couples out there that are working remotely, learning remotely or self quarantining will there in 9 months time be another baby boom? Generation Boomer 2.0 or Corona Generation? On one side I am being a tad cheeky but there is a seriousness to the question. Logically there is a possibility… similar to blackout babies in the aftermath of hurricanes or blizzard babies. With the wide spread nature of the coronavirus impact I would imagine that a post virus baby boom would be a world wide phenomena.

Though there is also a good deal of anxiety and fear going around these days (to be honest I am more afraid of the reactions people are having rather than the actual virus). I wonder about that, too. What is making this more scary than H1N1? Is it because of the unknown factor? Is it because scientists can’t point to a reason for why it occurred? Is it because social media drives the discussion more than the experts? Honestly, if you read twitter, insta or Facebook you get the impression that everyone knows someone that works for the CDC and really knows the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the seriousness of this virus especially to those in the high risk pool. But I don’t understand the level of panic that is going on? Schools are shutting down not just for remote learning, Kansas abandoned their school year! The markets are eating themselves. People are hoarding TP and hand sanitizer! Think about that last one for a minute.

TP and hand sanitizer are now the most sought after items in the country. More importantly, there is absolutely no reason why, outside of general societal panic.

I’m not an expert in viral pathology. I don’t pretend to be a doctor. I do understand that panicking will always make things worse and when the people panic our governments have to do something or be seen doing something in wild attempts to keep the panic from spreading and those things may not be particularly helpful in the long term. Because let me say something, panic is more contagious than this virus.

Over the course of my career I have had the opportunity to learn how (through many opportunities) to work remotely. It really is a skill that needs to be developed and not everyone is able to do it. With the recent directive for everyone to work remotely I have adjusted quickly, I’ve been doing it for a while now anyway so the change is minimal. However, co-workers are adjusting and finding the isolation difficult and I am learning to appreciate the journey I have been on that much more. So, if you are one of those folks who have done the work from home thing and are now working with those new to the sport… be patient, be kind, and be helpful.

My daughter and wife and a little out and about today. My daughter’s new eyeglasses arrived and were ready to be picked up. They ventured out into the world and realized that we were not living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland – writing that reminds me that I wanted to play Wasteland 2 but never picked it up, granted I am in the middle of Witcher 3 and really enjoying that, so maybe I will just put it on the list to buy and wistfully think about it. The little bit of out in society seemed to recharge their batteries. Granted, my wife and I took a walk today – just through the neighborhood and that helped but the actually out of the house, seeing other people busy about their business seemed to add more to their mood.

Funny, thing about the walk around the block. We were on out last leg of the walk and noticed a house with an Amazon package sitting on the doorstep and in the front window was this big fluffy black cat. My wife declared that the box contained cat food. I joked and said blu-ray movies. Then we debated back and forth what was in the box. It reminded me of when we first started dating and would walk through the local malls and window shop – never really bought anything but we enjoyed looking at items and talking about how they would fit (or would not fit) into our expectations for life. As we approached our part of the street, this guy comes zooming along on his bicycle, he was outfitted with darkish cloths, a hood over his head, dark sunglasses, a backpack, and a radio playing loud hip-hop music. We’ve never seen this guy in the neighborhood before. Maybe this says too much about me, but my first thought (which I said out loud) was… Porch Pirate. The guy on the bike was hugging the edge of the road through the cul de sac and appeared to be looking at the fronts of the houses.

Over inflated sense of concern for that package my wife and I debated about took over. We popped into the car and drove around the block to check on the house with the package, because the guy on the bike had been headed that way. Sure enough he was passing by the house, the package was still there. I rolled the window on the car down and waved at the guy – indicating that he had been noticed. Interesting coincidence he rode out of the neighborhood after that.

Was he a Porch Pirate? Who knows, most likely not. Perhaps we should have put a call into the police saying that there was a weird guy checking out houses in the neighborhood but maybe just letting the guy know that he was noticed was enough. (Yes our neighbor got the package, yes it was cat food!)

Not a family movie, but I watched Braveheart with my teenaged son while my wife and daughter did a CLIS dance class. As usual I cried at the end and was pleased to see my son weeping as well. Braveheart is not a typical tear-jerker for me. There is just something about watching the hero, who tried to be a good person, do the right things, fight for a good cause not have the ride off into the sunset moment. It was based on a historical figure and as we all know history is not really kind to heroes. Either way, I cry at Braveheart and I am not afraid to say it.

I looked over some of my other entries and I keep thinking I need pictures to make them pop. But right now I’m not sure if I can be bothered hunting down images. Maybe I will just retcon the entries with pictures later.

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