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Coronavirus Diary: Tuesday March 24

I am starting to feel a bit blue. The weather has been cold, gray, and rainy for the last few days and that is always a recipe for making my mood falter. I am also seeing the wear and tear on my family. The kids are starving for human contact, out side of their parents and not just the virtual connections. I should be turning this experience into a writing project, maybe in some ways I am, but again motivation is a mountain that I am not equipped to climb right now.

One side effect, a welcome one, about all of this, is that the celebrity obsession seems to have died down. At least people are smart enough to know that movie stars, recording stars, and the rest of their ilk are not experts in any of this and are not helpful to listen to. Now if we can just get the politicians to stop trying to leverage this crisis into an opportunity to advance their personal brands of ideology.  I am completely sickened by the House’s attempts to shove in all of their New Green Deal policies into an virus related emergency economic recover bill. Of course it all boils down to them knowing that the President won’t sign it and it becomes a built in opportunity to manufacture an argument for folks to not vote for him in November.

Don’t get me wrong I cringe every time he steps up to a mic; but I am rational enough to see that he is not the monster the extremes would have us believe him to be. Like all Presidents before him, he has done good things for the nation and made a fair amount of mistakes. After all he is only human and last I checked humans are not perfect. Blah, Blah, Blah… I’m not sure why all of this is on my mind today. Back to the daily activities portion of today’s entry.

The boy had a chemistry test, which was interesting to watch him take. He was hyper careful about taking his time and being honest about his knowledge. I was really proud of him. Tonight he had to decide between AP Chemistry and AP Biology for next year (there was honors Anatomy too but that is not high on his list). We talk about it and he decided that AP Biology would be the best fit for him next year. His current science teacher agreed and congratulated him on his wisdom.

As a bonus challenge the Show Choir / Art Academy director assigned the task of teaching 60 seconds of chorography from this year’s show choir performance to someone the kids are at home with; in our case the boy will be teaching his sister. Which should be interesting to see.

The girl from a remote learning perspective is killing it. She is disciplined and on top of every assignment. There have been some process issues and communication issues (though I really blame the roll out of the remote learning plan, which is to be expected because after all no one has ever done this before). Her struggle became dance. Which I found surprising based on how last week went with all of the CLI Studio courses. The dance studio is using Zoom to host classes and while the environments are not ideal (because who has a dance studio quality space for their 12 year olds to practice) it is better than nothing. But that is a very adult rationalization and my 12 year old (not matter how mature she seems at times) is not a rational adult. There were some tears tonight.

I went for a walk around the block (about 1.2 miles for those that are interested) with my wife. It was chilly, gray and more than a little depressing outside. I am hoping for some sun soon, if not some warmth. I tried to play Witcher 3, but the Xbox in the bedroom is having some sort of functional problem (crashed a dozen times). The system has been misbehaving with games for a while (more than a year) which is why it is in the bedroom and not the living room. Ended up dejected and watched Netflix – my show selection is a reflection of my mood. We watched Is Love Blind, weird gameshow/reality show that was entertaining in the same way listening to gossip about someone’s failed relationships is entertaining… which perhaps makes us bad humans for being entertained by this stuff. But those are First World problems and I should be writing anyway.

So, I will bid my readers goodnight, good day or good afternoon because who knows when this will be read.

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