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Coronavirus Diary: Tuesday March 17

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Math News! I was surprised to see that the US growth rate increased to 1.267 after a couple of days of declines, I guess I got my hopes up. Good news though, for those using Italy as a benchmark for the US, Italy’s rate dropped to 1.13. The numbers of new cases are still going up by alarming amounts but the fact that the rates are decreasing (Italy) is the sign that it is slowing down. So, hopefully tomorrow the US will trend down again!

Day job: folks are adjusting to the new norm but there is still a mountain of stress bearing down on everyone.

I had to laugh both of my children today had video conference calls using the same technology that I use for the day job. It really amused me to see them both with their headphones on and listening in to their version of an “All Hands” meeting.

I have to say I am really proud of my daughter, for the second day she attacked her “Remote Learning” work and had it completed early in the day without any procrastination.

I pulled the trigger on Fantasy Grounds for my son’s D&D games. I got the basics down before my daughter needed to stream her dance classes with my laptop. Tomorrow, my son and I will do a test to see how the connections are going to work and I will load in some of the campaign data. Hopefully, tomorrow night we can run a few hours with the rest of the group.

I should be working more on my book or maybe even editing Arrival but the motivation escapes me. I feel like I need to be “on” for my wife and kids and leave the me time off to the side for the time being.

In the News – so our governor has requested that restaurants switch over to take-out only, no dine-in service, I can’t imagine what that is going to do to that industry. The whole of the economy is disrupted but those in the business of service are going to be the most impacted by this and I really feel for them. To show support, as much as we can at any rate, we ordered take-out from a local Irish Pub and while traditionally not required for take out we left a decent tip too. I recommend that if you have the means to please order a meal from a locally owned and operated restaurant, every little bit will help them.

Be safe folks, be smart (still way too much junk science making things worse than they are… not saying it isn’t bad or scary just that bad information is making it worse).

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