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Coronavirus Diary: Thursday March 26

Today sucked.

Nobody is sick, nobody is hurt (physically). But the idea of being funny or insightful is just not something I can wrap my brain around.

*** I did get a message from someone in Kansas that is reading this (I don’t know what I am more surprised about, that someone is reading this or that they are in Kansas) and asked me to share my math and model. In the event that others are curious, I might display some charts that I use to gather observations from but because I am not a medical expert (I may have said that a few times) I don’t want images of my data to be used to fuel misinformation. I will talk about my observations and theories but I don’t want to be the foundation of one of those “I know this guy who said…” quotes on social media. ***

Maybe I will feel like writing more tomorrow. Cheers and be safe!

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