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Coronavirus Diary: Thursday March 12

The coronavirus thing is really taking off here in the United States. The markets are sliding, local governments, schools and businesses are constantly talking about what they may or may not do in the face of this biological threat. I have been watching this thing since John Hopkins started their interactive map. I got into the habit of checking the map every morning and afternoon (after updates from the CDC and WHO) because I like the data.

While my dream job/hobby is writing fiction. My day job revolves around data. So, seeing the data develop around coronavirus was fascinating to me. I even starting building small models to predict impact based on how things were progressing. I have scratched my head more than once over the inconsistences in how the data was developing.

Then I was impacted directly by the virus… No I didn’t catch it – not yet anyway.

But on March 1st I learned that my teenage son, who had just returned from a High School Show Choir competition and was on the verge of leaving for a Nashville trip to compete in a national Show Choir competition, was a contact of a contact… One of the girls in his show choir had recently returned from a winter break trip to Italy and it had been confirmed that several people on that trip can picked up Covid-19.

The odds of him getting it were slim (and turns out, none). But there was concern. Out of an abundance of caution, with me just having gotten over pneumonia, I decided to have a chat with my manager at work because the last thing I wanted to do was be a carrier and infect all my colleagues. In addition, we called the local department of health and our own doctor. DoH and Doc said don’t worry, wash your hands, keeping living life – I am paraphrasing but the gist was that the odds where in our favor to be all clear. My manager and I agreed that working remote for 14 days would be a good course of action.

That was all 11 days ago, it seems like it was only yesterday… But since then the cases in the US have started trending up, we broke a thousand yesterday, but the data indicates that there are a lot more cases out there just not confirmed. My son’s trip, much to the disappointment to his show choir, was canceled by the school and we just found out that the remainder of the show choir season has been canceled as well.

His school has a teacher in service day, so day off for the kids, but they were all asked to bring all of their books home. At the beginning of the week the state asked all the schools to develop a Remote Learning Plans and have them submitted by the end of the week. Both kids go to private schools and the communications from them have indicated business as usual but assured parents that plans were being developed. My son’s high school asked all the students to bring in laptop/tablets to get set up with the software that will facilitate the Remote Learning. Funny thing, they are using MS Teams which is the same software I use at work to collaborate with my team.

I am writing all of this because of an email I just got from work. Starting tomorrow all associates that are able to work from home are required to work from home. A call like that is a big deal and life is going to be disrupted. So, here I am blogging about my experience. I suppose blogging is so, last decade but I am fairly certain no one wants to see me on youtube.

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