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Coronavirus Diary: Sunday March 22

I am not sure which side of the coin I am coming down on for this particular issue. People are either not taking this seriously or they are ignorant of the consequences of their actions. Maybe a mix of both.

I thought I was irritated at the Corona-Breakers but that is nothing compared to the contempt I am feeling toward this new brand of foolishness. Context, my new favorite word, the governor of our state last week asked/ruled/demanded (not really sure of her powers in all of this, so I’m just going with forcefully advised) that restaurants no longer offer sit down service, makes sense, right? Keep gathering size down, prevent servers from getting sick and passing the bug around to other customers. All restaurants that could switched to take out only and trucked on.

Well wouldn’t you know it, a group of restaurant owners got together and went to the governor explaining that because they were unable to sell alcohol it was becoming a huge, unrecoverable hit to their businesses. So, after consideration the governor decided to let the restaurants sell original packaged bottles of wine and beer.  What could go wrong?

I will tell you what has gone wrong. Customers! Across the state groups of customers are going to restaurants, ordering food and beer/wine then going out to the parking lot and having a bloody party! These are not kids from Corona-Break trying to keep the party going. These are adults (30+), completely ignoring the purpose of social distancing and trying to keep this bug from spreading around. There is a lack of wisdom occurring here.

Also, in the news today. The state was not shutdown today, but the governor did announce an engagement with the Army Core of Engineers to assist the state in preparing buildings and locations across the state of use in the case the hospitals spill over. The governor also reprimanded the state for not following the spirit of the social distancing orders that she had been issuing (like having tailgate parties in restaurant parking lots), she ended her rant by telling the state that if people didn’t start following the social distancing orders that she would “shut down” the state.

No chance for a walk today, it was too cold. I suppose I could have bundled up and gone anyway. But I wasn’t in the mood. The boy left the house for the first time in more than a week,  he went for a walk.  He also went to bed before 2:30am because he starts his remote learning journey tomorrow.

My wife, daughter, and I watched Disney’s Tangled tonight. The boy was playing Minecraft and Online Pictionary with his friends.

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