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Coronavirus Diary: Saturday March 14

The weekend has arrived!

Today we are taking my wife’s SUV in to the shop because there is a weird clicking sound that happens when she turns but you can only hear when the windows are down… with the warmish weather we’ve had she has been driving around with the windows down and noticed… so into the shop we go.

The alignment of the wife’s SUV going into the shop conflicted with picking up our daughter at her sleep over. She has another dance class today – Hip Hop (last night was Ballet – Pointe and an Acro class). So far washing my hands a few times I drove over and picked her up. I was surprised to learn that she actually slept last night!

While listening to the radio I learned that a local high school had a confirmed case (which I had heard a few days ago) and the kids in the school had been placed on self-quarantine. Now teenagers being what they are, completely ignored the request and spent the days off hitting the malls, movie theatres, and restaurants. This poor judgement is not reserved for the pre-adults. Local colleges have gone remote learning (with a whole bunch of don’t come back to campus if you left the country for Spring Break notices) but instead of hunkering down and avoiding people the college students hit the clubs and bars with a vengeance. This new information made me think about my son’s plans to have friends over to play board games and a session of DnD, ultimately deciding that it would be a bad idea and that we would have to come up with alternative ways for him to meet up with his friends.

He took the news like a champ and didn’t blink when I told him to read “Brighton Beach Memoirs” ( a great Neil Simon play that I recommend to everyone). The boy has been trying his hand at playwriting and I felt that he needs to read some good ones  so that his can break the mold of teenage chaos. Last summer I made him read “Waiting for Godot” which he really enjoyed.

I resisted the urge to dive into any new numbers today and just focus on family. My wife’s mother and step-father stopped by for a visit. They own a small company and are really feeling the strain of all of the coronavirus life changes that are happening.

Once all the busy of the day settled down the four of us settled in and watched “Knives Out”. It was a really fun movie, some of the twists were telegraphed with a heavy hand but it didn’t take anything away from enjoying it. All of us had a good laugh before heading to bed.

I finished reading Michael Crichton’s Prey. A good techno thriller that had a timely caution against unchecked scientific progress.

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