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Coronavirus Diary: Monday March 23

Return to the weekly grind.

I am not sure if the day job is a welcome distraction to the corona stress or not; but it is definitely a change in the routine.

Funniest thing a heard today, “When the pants come off, you know it’s about to get serious.” I am intentionally leaving out the context because I think it is more fun when left to the imagination.

On a local level the governor had some more changes to announce during her daily press conference. The big thing was the fact that anyone returning on an airplane (regardless of where from) will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. They will be greeted by the National Guard and asked to provide information so that they can be monitored during the 14 day period. Okay, it makes sense and is even (on the surface) reasonable, especially in light of all the returning Corona-Breakers – anyone want to help me make that a hashtag – but it is starting feel a tad like government over-reach. We have a bunch of laws that allow our leaders to do and specifically not do certain things. In this pandemic it seems that the line between what can be done and what cannot be done (from a legal perspective) is getting pretty blurry. Is it wrong to go along with the “not okay stuff” because it is actually helping prevent the spread of this bug? It is a hard question and one that I am not interested in exploring right now… that might make me a bad person, I’m not sure.

At lunch today I configured my blog’s analytics tracking. I have never really cared about trending, hits or any of that; however, I am interested in a casual sort of way to see how many people are stumbling across my corona-blathering.

I looked at the numbers again too, why do I do this to myself? Italy looks to be flattening out, which is a good thing for them and us. I still think we are running about 5-7 days behind Italy and our quicker response to “social distancing” might keep us on track to flattening out in that timeframe. I will again state that I am not expert and most likely don’t have access to all of the data or variables (I believe that the officials don’t have all the right numbers either) but I professionally have spent decades doing data analysis. I don’t know if I am right or wrong, but I think I am directionally correct. Keep up with the Social Distancing it is making a difference!

I should be writing… well, I should be working on a novel or writing project but Corona-Block is a thing.

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