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Coronavirus Diary: Friday March 20

Today was a bit better. My head was screwed on correctly and I was able to not let the stress get to me. Don’t get me wrong it is still there creeping around the corners of my psyche waiting for an opportunity to jump out and turn me into a jerk.

I have to be honest though, I was a bit of a jerk today. I got into a couple of social media tiffs and as bad as it might sound it did actually make me feel better. The emotionally charged discussions weren’t about important things, just me pointing out that people were taking things out of context, largely because they don’t like the speaker and no other rational reason. It resulted in me being called a bunch of names and ended with the person reluctantly admitting that I was correct from the beginning. I didn’t call anyone names, I didn’t make it personal. I just stated rational facts and backed them up with actual transcripts.

Did I change anyone’s minds? Nope, but I proved (mostly to myself) that it was possible to have an emotionally charged disagreement with someone without becoming a complete ass.

I have always loved debates. I love debating. When I was in school – of so many years ago – I relished the opportunities provide by debate team, model legislative, speeches and the lunch time conversations in the cafeteria. Back then I had a special group of friends/acquaintances that could sit and just talk about things from all different perspectives. Sometimes we agreed. Usually we did not. But we all gave equal time to hear each other out and even had the maturity to admit when we were wrong about something.

My son has had that, or at least he did back in grade and middle school – he and his friends actually did talk about things like politics, morality and philosophy, it was at their level but they were real conversations. High school has been less of that for him, but every once and again he is able to flex those intellectual muscles.

Anyway, picking a fight on the internet made me feel better… Does that make me a troll?

The news was filled with more bad news. But that is to be expected the exponential growth numbers  are still trending up for the United States, worse still the average rate is (depending on when to start the spike) is closer to 1.31 than the averages for China and South Korea (1.23 – 1.26) but still no where near the 1.56 average that Italy is boasting. What it all means is that we are still in the “getting worse” part of the outbreak. In one more week the effects of the self-quarantining, remote learning, remote working, and social distancing should start becoming an impact variable.

I was hoping that we would see the flattening before we got to that point, maybe we will but at the moment it looks like we will keep peaking.  My completely non-professional model (right now) is showing that mid-April (12-14th) we should be reaching the big peak – doesn’t mean no more cases just that the growth rate will start slowing down.

I was finally able to run a 2 hour session of D&D for my son and his friends. The party is 6 strong (level 3s at the moment) and we were able to do a little roleplaying and ended the night with a mini-encounter with a few werewolves. Fantasy Grounds really made it easier and I think as I learn more about the application the more I will like it.

Side note – Disney’s Onward (which two weeks ago released in the theatres) is now available on Digital for streaming (purchase 19.99 through Amazon, VuDu, Microsoft store). April 3rd it will be available on Disney Plus.

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