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Coronavirus Diary: Friday March 13

Happy Friday the 13th… Earlier this week as the news spread about the lack of TP, Paper towels and Tissues became intensified My wife went on a trip to BJs with her mother to stock up on a few things. Okay, to be honest the pantry at the Clay house has been running on near empty for a while, we tended to go shopping daily for our meal needs. I’m not sure if we were saving money, spending too much or breaking even but it was the pattern we have been in since we returned to the house from the long banishment a year or so ago when black mold, asbestos and code violations – really long story I might actually writing into a novella. Now, we were not buying up truck loads of TP, though we did get an extra BJs sized package and a few extra frozen foods to stock in out basement freezer.

So, this morning I was feeling pretty good about the supplies in the house. In other words, I was not worried. My wife turns out, was very worried. She was getting texts from friends and relatives that were in full on panic mode about food, TP, and meds. Panic is contagious and I didn’t know it was seeping into my home… that was until I went to the local grocery store to pick up hotdog rolls.

My daughter after her dance classes was heading to a sleepover at a friends house and the boy was embracing some sad-boy time over the cancelation of his show choir events – the director is trying to work out a family night and perhaps another performance or two. So, supper was going to be more of a grab and go hotdog affair. So, after my morning meetings which were okay, even though my video was a bit wonky (which was expected because most of the company was using video), I headed up to the local store to grab buns and mustard.

When I returned I was laughing about all of the blank shelves (beans, pasta, pasta sauce, and of course TP). I didn’t expect to trigger anxiety in my wife, who felt the need to rush out of stock up on bread, milk (the New England blizzard reaction) and various other must haves. I have to say, one positive about this panic is that my house now has a supply of food.

This was all before the governor’s press conference where it was announced that public schools would be out of school next week – because the districts weren’t ready with the Remote Learning plans – the plan was to move up the April vacation (Spring Break), have the teachers work through the plan and then go to Remote Learning the week after. I am sure the unions are all smiles about that one. On the heels of the announcement both my son’s and daughter’s schools notified us that they too would closed for the week. My son is getting a vacation week with no academic work. My daughter is getting a Remote Learning week because they were already prepared.

With all of that said and done there was a debate in the Clay house on whether or not our daughter would go to her dance classes and the birthday party sleep over. We spoke with the parent of the friend and decided that she would be allowed to go; after all it would most likely be the last get together with friends for a while. Yes, it was a risk but it was a calculated one. Dance class was pretty empty so she was able to get a lot of practice and one-on-one attention which worked out in the end.

The boy… he played Destiny 2 with a few friends from school and tried to figure out plans for the week.

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