Inside the Writers Mind: Just Do It!

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they are confronted with their own fear. Maybe it is self-esteem thing, though there are some interesting thoughts on what self-esteem is and whether or not spending time on it is a good thing or not, maybe it is just fear of rejection or failure.

In my day job, there has been some steady messaging about not being afraid to fail, to take risks and learn from the fallout. I was having a conversation with my loving wife and explained the latest all-day session of “Becoming Comfortable being Uncomfortable” and she mentioned applying these insights to my writing hobby.  I thought about it for what felt like weeks.

I have been aware of Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for years, I have read many KDP books and short stories enjoying more than not. The polish is not the same as an AAA Tor novel, but my imagination and life are better for having read the stories, polished or not. Maybe my standards have changed. All of that said I have flirted with the idea of using KDP to release my stories into the wild.  But I have always been caught between the “does using KDP make me a failure” and “I’m not good enough in the first place” that very weird and often depressing place has kept me frozen and cycling through rewrites of stories.

In short, I have been afraid of failing, and being afraid of failing has translated to not doing anything at all. I write piles of stories, sharing them with a couple of readers, rewriting them over and over again looking for perfection, and ultimately shelving them on a flash drive.

So – all of this babble boils down to I have learned a lesson from my day job. I am going to be releasing my latest stories (written in the previously mentioned Edge World) as Short Stories on KDP.

The plan is that each story will be released as an eBook for as cheap as Amazon will let me. After the Origin Stories are complete I will compile them into a single paperback (CreateSpace perhaps). So — check back for the official release.


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What is Edge World?

Edge World is our world, our reality, our history at least until July of 2017. That is where the break takes place, so to speak.

July 2017 in the Edge World, specifically July 6th, reality, time and to a degree space shifts just enough to create a whole new reality. Some super smart scientists (or S4) have expressed the possibility that we (the real us not our Edge World doppelgangers) live in a universe that is just one among many – for comic book fans it works out to a scientific theory that the multi-verse is a real thing. Many of the theories treat these extra universes as representations of the infinite choices that impact our lives. For example, one universe where you decided to read this blog post and one where you did not.

The Event of Edge World which takes place on July 6, 2017, gives reality super-humans, normal people with superpowers. Eventually, those superpowered folks are labeled Edges. Eventually, normal people figure out the score and react in fairly typical ways… panic, fear, interest, awe, the whole gambit of emotions.

Like in our world, after all, it was born of our world the Edge World is made up of good people, bad people, and people just trying to get by.  Which results in Edges being good (heroes), bad (villains), and neither.

Starting with the Origin Story series you are invited to take a peek into the Edge World.

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